Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Party and Walk

I think I've mentioned before that our social life here is much more active than at home! We had another party on Sunday evening, this time at the home of Kutty and Lalitha. Lalitha works in my office and most of the attendees were our other office mates.

Admiring one of Kutty's dogs

View toward the dining area

Women on couch
A few shots from my Monday walk out Tehri Road below. The first is a dahlia, one of many. Most are too far up the khud to show on my camera. They come in many colors, lots of bright red.

A dying tree above the road.

We used to call these peacock orchids, but when I googled them, the picture was very different. They are common during the monsoon. This one has seen better days.

Two years ago, this couple, Ramkesh and Sumitra, did some work for us. Their brother Naveen was the cook for our friends Neva and Ian. I see them on the road most days when I walk before lunch. They live at Jabarkhet.

This tree is doomed. The hillside is very washed out under its roots.

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