Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Morning in Delhi

We arrived in Delhi about 12:30 AM Wednesday. Our flights from Krakow and Frankfurt went well. Our connection time in Frankfurt wasn't very long, but we made it to the gate just as people were lining up to board. We were in our room by 2:30, although it took a while to fall asleep.

We were up and going by 8:00. Dan had a dental appointment in Gurgaon, a southern suburb that takes about two hours of travel by foot, Metro, and auto rickshaw. Thanks to our friends Darab and Naz, he saw a young dentist who is making a bridge where he lost a tooth earlier this year. He started the work today and will put in a temporary one tomorrow. Dan will return to Delhi next week for the permanent one.

I walked over to a salon I have used in this area (Karol Bagh). My usual person, Usha, has left, married, and had a baby, so I had a young man for my pedicure. It was a complicated procedure, including careful trimming and filing, four levels of foot care (brush, pumice, rasp and sandpaper), full massage of lower legs and feet -- and he really worked my feet over! -- cuticle removal, and finally polish. I almost hated to put my sandals back on and walk out onto the street. 

On the way to the salon I dropped off our laundry at a small shop we've used before. And on the way back I picked up a few bananas.

It is quite hot, but not much above 90. The monsoon appears to be over here, as it is quite dry and no rain forecast.

We are here until Friday morning, when we catch an early train to Dehra Dun.

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