Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Street Sights

As I walk around this city, going to my Tai Chi class or just out and about, I constantly notice interesting little things that I've not seen before. Here are a few.

Last year I posted a few photos of an addition to the wall between the Tai Chi studio (Mind and Body Healing School) and the place next door. Rod told us a restaurant was going in and they wanted a little more privacy. The place is now open and is vegetarian. So far I haven't seen anyone there, but I walk by at about 9:45 and 11:15, so it isn't really a mealtime.

We had an amazing amount of rain last week, unprecedented for this time of year. The next day after I took the photo above, this sign was on the gate. 

In the soi (alley) off the main moat road, I saw this cute little kitten sitting on the wall by a banana tree.

This shows the moat road during a heavy rain. I was walking to class in a very light drizzle but managed to stop at this sidewalk restaurant to sit under cover when it got heavier. After about ten minutes I was able to proceed. (Because I use walking sticks, I can't easily carry an umbrella, so I just take my chances!)

This grouping is in front of a shop across from several restaurants we have patronized. I'm not sure if these little monkeys are for sale or what they are doing here!

We love the view from our balcony at all times of the day. This sunset was after the rain had just cleared off. The little strips of light are signs on the Airport Plaza Mall. The airport is not much further just to the right of it.

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