Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year for 2017!

It was wonderful to meet up with Anjali and Domingos on Friday evening when they returned from their tour to the north. We ate at the Doo Dee, our old favorite, which is quite near the place they are staying. Anjali and I both had the pad thai, which is always good there.

Pad Thai
Saturday morning we met up for breakfast, then Dan had a massage. The rest of us walked over to IDI, where I usually get my massages. Unfortunately, they were closed for the holiday weekend. In the late afternoon we headed out for the Saturday evening walking market which is nearby. There are many wonderful handicrafts for sale as well as street food.

The Buffalo Shrine is right in the center of the market street
Buying fried cheese balls
Beautiful art for sale
Virgin mango (and other) mojitos made to order
Unusual fruit (passion fruit on lower right)
The crispy chicken dogs were tasty
The ubiquitous squid (can't bring myself to try it like this...)
A temple on our walk back to Smith Suites
None of us stayed up for New Year's. However, I certainly did hear the midnight fireworks, which I could see from our bedroom. Jet lag isn't too bad this time, but an early night was in order.

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  1. Sounds like a fun day.I am recovering from hip surgery, look forward to reading some of the books from your list! Happy New Year to both of you. Hopefully we can meet up in 2017!


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