Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Batu Ferringi

The place we are staying is the Bayview Beach Resort in Batu Ferringi, on the north side of the island of Penang. Tomorrow (Wednesday) we head into Georgetown, the main city on Penang. While we are here we have been enjoying the leisurely pace of a beach resort. Our days have consisted of a buffet breakfast in the hotel restaurant, sitting on lounge chairs in the shade talking and reading with a couple of swims in the pool thrown in, and going out for dinner in the evening.

Half of the pool; it was never too crowded

Watching parasailing from our lounges

Menu from the snack kiosk -- just over 4 RM to the dollar
 Monday evening we decided to find the Andrew's Kampung restaurant, rated number one in this area on TripAdvisor. We walked along the road; it turned out to be much further than we anticipated, at least a mile and a half. But there were many sights along the way, including many stalls similar to the Night Market in Chiang Mai. We passed this restaurant I had noticed on the way when we drove in -- we wonder what Danish Biriani would be like!

Andrew's Kampung did not disappoint. It was crowded but we managed to get a table -- in the air-conditioned room, not on the coveted terrace. We didn't mind, as it was a very warm evening. We started with spring rolls, which tasted quite different from the ones we are used to, but very good.

We had a deep-fried fish, which you can see was partially eaten before I managed a picture. It was delicious and not very bony.

This photo shows some of the fish meat with a sauce provided, sort of a sweet and sour.

We had a very good Malaysian fried rice, which was also delicious.

We ordered a vegetable dish called Kang Kong, supposedly a specialty. It was our least favorite of the dishes, similar to what they call morning glory in Thailand, and quite spicy.

We also had a chicken curry, which looked similar to many other chicken curries. Again, it was delicious.

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