Friday, January 20, 2017

Rimping Supermarket

On Sunday afternoon we took the scooter to the Rimping Supermarket just across the river near the Iron Bridge. Even though I've been in various Asian countries many times, my expectations are still influenced by our first experiences in India in 1968. At that time there was nothing available that was prepackaged or ready-made. There was a mail-order company in Singapore that some people ordered from, including mustard, cocoa powder, and similar items. Although Thailand is a very modern country in most ways, the markets that we buy from are mostly local. (Not to mention the dozens of 7-11 stores, however, and the Tesco Lotus Express where I get milk, dishwashing soap, and other items.)

So the Rimping Supermarket was quite an experience for me.

The bakery had gorgeous bread.

Cooked crabs available in the seafood section.

Two pictures of desserts in the deli area. The baht is about 35 to the dollar, so these desserts are a bit over $2.00 each, not exactly cheap! (But they look delicious.)

I have no idea why these eggs were colored. I do know that eggs are sold both fresh and pre-cooked, but I can't read the info on these to tell which are which. When I get eggs at Tesco Lotus, I am careful to look at the carton; one time I got eggs that were soft-boiled, not what I was looking for.

This gift basket at around $30 appears to be essences of mushroom and probably other things.

The produce was very nice and beautifully arranged. They had almost everything I could think of.

Ready-made soup definitely for the foreign trade.

At the checkout we found out that any produce must be weighed and labeled in the produce department. I had picked up an onion and a pepper. The cashier was very helpful; she put a closed sign on her counter and took off for the produce department to get it weighed. Dan went along and I waited with our other things. She did not seem at all put out, just eager to help.

While I waited I took a photo of the sign below. Alcohol can only be sold at specified times during the day, not between 2:00 and 5:00 PM. 

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