Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Old Chiang Mai Khantoke Dinner

Our Christmas gifts from our daughter and her husband were some experiences to share while they are here with us. New Year's Day was rather cool and rainy off and on all day. In the evening we were picked up at our place and taken to the Old Chiang Mai Culture Center for a traditional khantoke dinner. This is a northern Thai tradition. More here if you are interested.

You can see the rain shining on the paving stones here at the entrance.

Paper lanterns were lovely.

There were several vendors selling traditional crafts. This woman is dressed in the traditional northern Thai, or Lanna, style. She was happy to sell us a few items and smile for a photo.

The area for the dinner and show consisted of a very large open area facing the stage and covered areas on the sides with tables for eating. We think that when the weather is good people sit in the open area to eat. We couldn't really see the stage and it was quite far away. We felt sorry for the performers as no-one paid them much attention.

First the waiter brought us bowls of lovely clear broth with some carrots in it. It was delicious. The main food came on a round tray. From the lower left going clockwise were vegetables (mostly cabbage, very tasty), Burmese beef curry (big chunks of very tender beef), fried squash strips, slightly sweet crunchies, fried chicken legs, pork rinds, and a tomato-based hot curry. Of course there was rice, too. It was all very good and they refilled the bowls as we emptied them.

Here is one of the dance numbers. I suspect if one would attend in good weather, both audience and performers would enjoy it more.

Dessert was traditionally cut fruit and some rice cakes.

A photographer came around and took photos of everyone with traditionally dressed young women. Ours turned out surprisingly good of the two of us, so we bought it. 100 baht, about $2.75.

Up next:  a trip on the Mae Ping River.

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  1. Interesting life experiences! Since we can't we'll follow yours! Didn't know until this year that you lived in Thailand during the winter!
    Good pic of you and Dan!


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