Monday, January 9, 2017

Food Tour, Part II

After we left the temple, we walked to the Sompet Market and looked at a variety of fruits and vegetables. We picked up the snack shown below, made of sticky rice and coconut. It was slightly sweet, good but not overly flavorful.

Our next stop was at a local sausage-making place. In a room below the main entrance, they were busy smoking the sausages.

We were served a taste of two kinds of the sausage. The first was wrapped in leaves and was very soft and tasty.

The second were cut pieces from the rings we had seen smoking. They were served with a bit of sticky rice. Very flavorful!

As we walked toward the next stop, we had some coconut ice cream. It wasn't like regular ice cream (I don't think there was any milk product in it), more like a coconut slushy. Very refreshing.

This vendor had a variety of prepared foods for sale, mostly sweets, but even some spring rolls. We didn't buy anything here.

The next stop was for khao soy, the popular northern Thai dish. I didn't get a shot, but it looked just like the one we had at the fruit farm a few days before. It didn't have the condiments on the side and tasted slightly different. Very good!

We all enjoyed the khao soy and assumed that was our lunch. But, no! we went into another restaurant and Day asked us what we would like to order for lunch. By this time we were all feeling like we had already had plenty to eat. He was very disappointed, so at his urging we ordered three dishes to share. They included a Burmese curry and the tomato-based curry that we had at the khantoke dinner, although once again slightly different. The top picture is larb, a ground-meat dish.

After visiting another temple (more about that tomorrow) we went to a very nice hotel called Makka and had afternoon tea. (This was only about a half hour after already overeating!) We were served a very refreshing iced tea and some sweets that Day had picked up at one of the markets. The leaf packed had a jellied sweet in it and the two balls are "Thai marshmallow." There was some grated roasted coconut to dip them into.

We walked back to our place from the hotel. You can be sure we didn't want or need another meal for the day!

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