Thursday, January 26, 2017

Getting Ready to Go Again

We leave Chiang Mai on Saturday for a week on Penang Island, Malaysia. Dan will be getting his 60-day tourist visa while we are there. And we are meeting up with friends at a beach resort for a few days. In the meantime, here are a few sights of recent days.

You may know that the long-lived king of Thailand died in the past year. He was much beloved by all. There is still mourning bunting on a number of the buildings, including this center for traditional Thai medicine that I walk by daily.

We went back to the Saturday Walking Market, particularly because my sister wanted a painting that she saw on my daughter's blog. It had been sold, but the couple said they would make another like it. Here is a photo of them. They delivered it to our hotel on Tuesday evening.

A few items I noticed at the market:

Stuffed animals
Interesting dresses of tribal-style woven fabrics

Sleep masks for the eyes; I wonder how the flight attendants on our plane would like to see them!

Ingredients set out for something to be cooked; we hardly recognized any of them.

This morning Dan called me into the bedroom to see the sunrise. It was truly stunning.

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