Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wednesday Evening

Yes, two posts in one day! Sometimes I have too little, sometimes too much. Last evening we went up to see friends at Shanty, a house near and just below Sisters' Bazaar. We had a great visit!

We arrived just before sunset. I went up onto a balcony above the main house and got this great shot of the Winterline, which is clearly in evidence. Reminder to new and old readers -- that line is not the horizon, it is an atmospheric phenomenon that happens here in the winter time.

Momo enjoys his hookah, as does Dan.

Here is a closeup of the chest you can see in the above picture.


Momo's mother Doma was staying with them; she will head back to Delhi next week. The Tibetan shops are closed right now due to Metro construction, but should be open again soon, she says. We first met Doma when we moved here in 1968. We always try to stop by her shop whenever we are in Delhi.

Tsering loves to cook in the kitchenette that is attached to the living room. Main meal elements are prepared by the cooks in the kitchen at the other end of the house.

Starters included nuts, little barbecued sausages with dahi-based sauce (dahi=yogurt), as well as some chicken bites and little pork chops. The main meal of rice, curry, dal and roti was served later. Too much food!! And all delicious.

It turned out to be quite a day for me -- walking from our house to work in the morning, then walking up to Shanty (about a similar distance or perhaps a bit further), and ending up at 11:00 pm walking all the way down to home. Almost, but not quite, as hard as going up!

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  1. I can attest that that's a lot of walking. But such wonderful destinations!


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