Monday, October 8, 2012


I haven't quite gotten into the swing of things here yet -- I forget (or neglect) to take my camera so I don't have many pictures to offer. Here are a few things that have happened in the past couple of days.

On Saturday, we walked up to Tehri Road and out (and up) to Oakville. Our friend Ellen was visiting her local-resident son and her other two sons (and wives) were there as well. Had a wonderful visit. From there we went up still further to the Chakker and Sisters' Bazaar. The Prakash store has all kinds of wonderful things, so we picked up some supplies, including bottled mayonnaise and mustard (one of the major changes in food availability over the past years). We walked along the ridge to Char Dukan, where we had bun omelets for lunch at Anil's Cafe. The buns are slightly sweet and grilled, the omelets have onions, tomatoes and chills, quite greasy but very delicious. I also had my favorite fresh lime soda -- sada or plain, no sugar or salt. From there we crossed the hillside heading down toward the school, past the Edgehill Estate, now a dorm (and right by Uncle Tom's Cabin, where we stayed a few years ago). By the time we got home I was pretty tired and my calves were protesting.

Dan went back into the bazaar to get a repair on the scooter and picked up some samosas for supper.

Sunday we went into the bazaar for our regular poori brunch. We took the scooter from the "New" Road but found the road going up to the Clock Tower area was pretty bad. I went to Broadway Optical and ordered my new glasses. In the afternoon Dan took the Bullet (motorcycle) out for a ride to Suakholi just to check it out. He came back with a wireless router and set it up in our house. So now we don't have to connect to the ethernet cord to get online. In the evening we were invited out to dinner with friends in Doshisha, the house just above the New Road.

This morning (Monday) I made it into the office about 9:00. It took me 25 minutes -- my backpack was a bit heavy and that slowed me down. All this hill climbing will be good for me! Back problems seem to be doing all right -- no major episodes so far!

One of the fun things in this office is meeting visiting alumni. One old friend, Margo, is here working in the archives. A former student showed up for a visit today; she and her friend will be staying until the 15th so we will try to get together again.

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