Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More Socializing!

On Monday we were pleased and somewhat surprised to have three visitors from the class of 1980. None of them knew the others were planning to be here at this time. That class graduated the year we left Woodstock and we felt especially close to a lot of them, some of whom are good friends to this day. Tim Weidman is doing an around-the-world trip with his family, Glenn Davis and his wife are visiting after many years, and David Rand is visiting his daughter, who is studying at Woodstock in the SAGE program. Darab (from the same class) and Naz Nagarwalla invited all of them (and us!) for dinner. Momo, also a member of the class of 1980, came, too, bringing food from the restaurant at Doma's Inn.

L to R; Dan, me, David, Naz, Momo, Tim, Glenn, Darab

The Five Guys

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  1. How I would have loved to be there for this event!


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