Saturday, October 27, 2012

Buildling a New Pushta

Very near the place that our path comes out onto the New Road, there is an area of road that washed out during the monsoon. There are workers there rebuilding the retaining wall (pushta) below. The man in the photo below was using a sledge hammer to break up the large rocks into smaller pieces that could be used more readily in the building. I tried to get a shot that showed the sledge better, but this is the best I got. He has his foot on the rock to hold hit while he hits it. I watched him carry a rock over to the landslide area and drop it down for use in building the wall.

From the path above the road you can see some of the rocks and the same man looking down to check on the work below.

Looking straight down into the landslide area, you can see a couple of men working. The path they take to get there is extremely narrow and has a steep drop off. In this photo, I am looking directly down from the path above.

And just above, where the path goes on up toward Tehri Road and the school, the older pushta holding up the Doshisha front yard is looking a bit old. As the monsoons come and go, it will likely loosen, bulge, and eventually come tumbling down onto the road. However, it may be quite a few years before that happens. 

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