Tuesday, October 9, 2012


As you know, we are on the first ridge of the Himalayas. There is enough great scenery around to fill books of photographs. My small efforts of yesterday afternoon are more prosaic, but show some things close to our house.

Looking toward the first part of the path up the hill, just outside our gate

Strobilanthes on the khud just below our fence (view is straight down)

Overgrown front garden - mums are budding

Playing flat below our house

On the wall in our dining room is a huge framed map of the entire Mussoorie area. It is a Survey of India map from 1968. I think I have a copy at home. A visiting alumna was curious about some of the houses and was looking for a map. I photographed the school area for her. Unfortunately, many of the houses are just numbered, not named. The legend is along the side of the map and too large to photograph properly. She'll just have to come to our house to see it in person.

Of course, what's missing is a way to truly see the elevation changes!
Double-click image to see full amount photographed.

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