Sunday, October 28, 2012


On Saturday our dear friend Immu, receptionist in the Alumni Office, invited us for lunch. Immu is from Ethiopia, where she married an Indian teacher. They moved back here when he retired, to an estate named Wolfsburn. It is located high up, beyond Char Dukan, above the back chakar. We took the scooter up, as it is quite a long way from our house.

Immu cooked some Ethiopian food for us, along with some Indian-style veggies and salad. It was delicious! She even made injera, the batter for which takes a couple of days to ferment.

Doro wat, egg and chicken 

Injera bread

Wolfsburn is beautiful year-round, but right now it is especially so. After lunch we had a tour of the various rental units -- seven all together. Right now one man has taken two of them (with his five dogs!) and another is awaiting the return of a renter.

Ratan, a nice Nepali man, acts as caretaker and does all kinds of things for Immu. Since The Professor, as he was known here, passed away last summer, he has been a great help.

Immu by the bank of marigolds

Main House -- Immu lives upstairs

Newer rental unit

Older, occupied rental unit

Masses of purple flowers near entrance -- if you know what these are called, please comment!

Ratan - notice the flip-flops but scarf around neck!

Stairs up to living quarters
After lunch and the tour, we headed out. Dan got back on the scooter to go to the bazaar to get some supplies (and replace our defective wireless router, yay!). I walked over to Prakash's store at Sisters' Bazaar and picked up some cheese and a few other things. Then I walked down Zig-Zag Path to the school and on down to Hill Haven. It took me about an hour including the stop.

I was glad to see our front gate!

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  1. I liked the marigold mania! Sorry, I have no idea what the purple flowers are.


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