Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday Morning Humor

This morning I was poking around, running late, and decided to put the garbage pail between the front door and the screen door. I figured the pickup man would come just as I got into the shower. (We can't leave it out on the porch because of monkeys, although we haven't seen many around recently.) I tried to open the door and found that the outside bolt was closed. I panicked and phoned Dan. He didn't think he had done it, although he might have, automatically. I can't imagine that someone would have walked by and done it. For one thing, we are at the end of the downward path. And I think I would have heard something. Dan asked if I could get out another door (didn't think of it myself!). The one in the dining room is padlocked on the outside, but there is one in the kitchen behind the fridge and I got out after undoing 4 bolts! Walked around the house in my robe and slippers and got in the front just fine. Anyway, the garbage man didn't even come! We've told them we don't need it picked up every day but it's hard to know which days they'll be there. Great way to start the day!!

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