Sunday, October 14, 2012

Friday and Saturday

Friday morning I was literally shocked when I tried to take a shower. There is a short or something in our hot water heater. I managed to get the tap turned off and headed up to school to request a repair. We had already asked for a plumber to fix the leaky taps in the bathroom and kitchen. The electrician/plumber came in the afternoon. He fixed the taps but said the geyser (hot water heater) would need to be taken down for repair. He suggested letting it heat up, then turning the power off when showering. I found out that it needed to be unplugged, too, so we are now able to shower safely. I suspect when this house was last fixed up and the water heater installed, the wiring wasn't upgraded quite enough. A bit scary when the power is 220 volts!

After a busy week, I was happy to spend most of Saturday relaxing at home. We were (again!) invited out for dinner in the evening. Former student Marian and Tina were staying at Rokeby Manor and asked us to join them for dinner. Mark and Annie, our next-door neighbors, were invited, too. Both of us couples went by motorbike, we on the scooter from the New Road and M&A on their cycle from the school gate.

I took a few pictures with my iPod but they turned out pretty grainy. I need to figure out how to get better ones, as I've seen other people with good clear shots. The people shots are quite terrible, but the food is better, so here it is. Everyone ordered something different and all the dishes were delicious.

BBQ chicken w/veggies & mashed potato

Fish and chips

Mustard chicken w/ veggies and mashed potato

Mutton biriani with raita


Veg lasagna

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