Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Weather

At 5:00 this afternoon (Tuesday) I went out to our front yard area and took these two photos. The first is toward the southwest, the second to the northeast. You would never know that at 3:00 we had an enormous rain and hail storm that went on for nearly half an hour. If you have never been under a tin roof in a hailstorm you can't imagine how loud it is!

There are a number of skylights in our office and several were leaking. There were hailstones lying on the floor in the welcome area. Above my desk I heard noises and looked up. There appeared to be a man crouching on the skylight and shouting. Soon a second man joined him. We called someone in and they sent out a rescue crew. Evidently they were doing some work on the roof and were caught unaware when the storm blew up. (And it did blow!) The painted tin was slippery and they were afraid they would fall. In the end it turned out all right. Too much excitement for one afternoon!

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