Thursday, April 19, 2012

Win Mumby Basketball Tournament

One of the biggest sporting events of the year is taking place at Woodstock right now -- the Win Mumby Basketball Tournament. It is an invitational meet with schools coming from Dehradun, Delhi, Punjab, and other locations in India. Boys' and girls' teams play, with games beginning Wednesday evening. The finals are on Saturday evening. Win Mumby was an alumnus, a teacher, and a coach.

In preparation for the tournament, school groups arrived on Wednesday afternoon. There was a pep rally in the gym to introduce the schools and get things rolling. After tea was served in the Quad, everyone was told to wait for a big surprise.

Just after 5:30 music started playing and a P.E. teacher began walking around the Quad, dressed in an odd costume. Soon the students came out dressed as zombies. It was Michael Jackson's Thriller, nearly 30 years later! The students from the other schools stood on the sidelines. I think they were quite mesmerized by the craziness of Woodstock.

Waiting in the Quad
Non-Woodstock boys' team in their uniforms
Welham Girls' School team 
Steve L. starting it off
Girls dancing -- notice the makeup!
More dancers
The next photo I took before things got started. These two little boys, Oliver and Ennis, are around school a lot. Seeing them reminds me of my daughter as a preschooler. She enjoyed hanging around the Quad, where the students all knew her.

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