Monday, April 16, 2012

Sunday in the Bazaar

Sunday we walked into Kulri Bazaar, my first trip beyond the Clock Tower since our first weekend here. My back is holding up quite well, although the trip back to school was slower than usual.

Like children everywhere, these boys found a tree to climb. No matter that it was on a vertical surface.

In front of Union Church, a self-advertising van. I think this bakery is in Dehradun.

A sad remnant of an attempt to bring cycle rickshas to Mussoorie. I believe that in the summer tourist months, some do operate on the Mall, a level area between Library and Kulri Bazaars. But here between Landour and Kulri the hills are steep and definitely not good for bicycling. For those who are familiar with this place, it is across from Union Church and where the riding horses-for-hire are frequently found.

After some ice cream at Nirula's, we took the back road down from Windy Corner. And on this day it was definitely windy! The entire weekend was cold and everyone was bundled up in layers of sweaters and shawls. The sun did peek through Sunday afternoon and today (Monday morning) looks slightly more promising.

At the top left of this photo is the Jay Pee Residency Hotel, the only 5-star in Mussoorie. In the center is a very well-kept property, but I'm not sure what it is. There is even a white H on the lower terrace--presumably for a helicopter. On the right about 2/3 down is a Tourist Hostel that we pass coming and going on the main Dehradun road. Its round dome seems oddly out of place.

These houses are directly below Windy Corner (at the top of Kulri Hill). There was loud drumming and chanting coming up; it sounded like a wedding or other party. But we couldn't see any evidence of where it was happening.

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