Monday, April 2, 2012

An unusually large group of former staff happened to converge on the Hillside, visiting Mussoorie and Woodstock. One overlapped with us a year in 1979-80, others we knew from general alumni events, and one we'd never met, but I had corresponded with her. Judy and Dana, longtime staff members, hosted a dinner on Thursday evening for the visitors and other long-time members of the Woodstock and Hillside community. We had a good time visiting with a variety of friends old and new.

We were greeted by this shamiana erected over their front yard

Andy, former PE teacher, visiting with several current staff

Rufus (who looks like his father Jyoti) and other staff and visitors

Dan and Marney talking about violin lessons

Naz and Darab

Rufus and Judy


The sunset was lovely, although obscured with dust and haze from the plains

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