Thursday, April 5, 2012

Walking Below the Hospital

When we first came to Woodstock in 1968, there were no shops below the hospital. Gradually a tea stall set up, then another, then the Tehri Bus Stop was located here. Buses that go east of Mussoorie to Tehri, Chamba, and other places en route, start and end here. It would be impossible to have them go through the bazaar (well, I think so, anyway!). I haven't paid enough attention to the schedule, but they do come and go regularly, and there are always people congregated in the area. A favorite pastime is playing cards and, most likely, gambling.

When did you last see a game of caroms in North America? It's still popular here.

A bit toward the bazaar I looked down and saw this small hut. I'm not sure what it's used for, but I would definitely not want to try to get down there on the path. You can see that it is precipitous everywhere around it.

One of the shops in the hospital area deals in mobile phones. (There are many of these everywhere.) I thought it was quite amazing to see the large Apple iPod poster in the window.

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  1. I notice that everybody waiting for the bus is male. Possibly they are the only ones interested in gambling and caroms, but where are the women?


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