Friday, April 6, 2012

Quarter Break

Woodstock is midway through the spring semester. Thursday afternoon Quarter Break began. Many students and staff members left for several days -- they must be back on Monday evening. My office-mates headed to Delhi, Agra, Udaipur, and Dehra Dun. Today is Good Friday and school offices are closed for the official holiday. Some years we have gone to Rajpur/Dehra Dun for a night or two, but we are not leaving the Hillside this time. Because of the break, Easter was celebrated last Sunday with a special all-school chapel service.

By lunchtime Thursday the skies were darkening. Earlier in the week the weather had been threatening, but we only had a few drops of rain. This time the wind turned cold and we got some rain. Unfortunately, it was right when many people were leaving. And the road pavers are working just below the school, blocking access to the lower road. By evening, the rain had mostly passed, although we could see some clouds and streaks to the west. The valley below was sparkling. It was clear this morning, although by now (9:00) it is hazing over. I'm sure there wasn't enough rain to completely lay the dust, but it helped.

Wednesday evening we walked in to the Clock Tower -- a misnomer, as it is still just a hole in the ground. Maybe the political infighting will end and it will be rebuilt before too long. We can hope... We met some friends of friends at Golden Restaurant for dinner. We shared chicken do-piaza, palak paneer, aloo gobi, tandoori roti, and dahi.

Last week Immu had a postcard from 1943 showing the Clock Tower. The view approximately toward the west, looking up from the Kulri hill.

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