Monday, April 9, 2012

Saturday Shopping

I usually bring yarn for one or two sweaters to knit while I am here. Since this is a shorter visit than usual, I only brought enough for one. On Friday afternoon I finished it as far as I could go (I need some tools I have at home for the last bits). I thought that would be fine. But I can't stand to have two weeks ahead with nothing in my hands!! So Saturday morning I headed for the bazaar, where I'd been told there was a  yarn shop near the Clock Tower (we still say that, even though rebuilding has not yet begun).

Indeed the small shop was there right beside the Golden Restaurant. How had I not noticed it earlier? The colors were what Dan calls "Mussoorie Colors," all quite bright.

The hole in the photo above is where I pulled out my intended purchase. How much did I need? What yarn weight is it? It is all acrylic, I knew that much. I tried to judge the amount based on the yarn I buy in 100- or 50-gram balls. I decided maybe a kilo; I can always use the leftover yarn. So I pulled out the bundle of magenta and handed it to the shopkeeper.

He juggled with his weights until it balanced nicely. He said it was about 750 grams and I decided it looked like plenty. How much did it cost?  432 rupees, well under $10. The yarn is not wound into skeins; it is in hanks with thread tied around it in two places to keep it from tangling. I stuffed it all into my nice stretchy string bag and headed back toward Mullingar Hill. I've been alternating between winding the hanks into skeins and beginning the new sweater. [I just looked up hank and skein in an online dictionary and it doesn't show a difference between them. But I define a hank as the yarn wound into a big loop and a skein as being wound into a ball that will deliver the yarn properly for knitting. Years ago I learned to begin winding a skein with a tail hanging out; then you can knit from the inside and the ball doesn't roll around as much. I don't know if this makes sense to you non-knitters, but it does to me!]

On the way, I saw these fellows carrying chairs. Most likely they were coming or going between a rental company and a wedding or other large gathering. There are a number of rental shops that have chairs, tables, shamianas, dishes, and much more. It looks like quite a load!

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