Friday, April 13, 2012


There are many places in the world about which I've heard the saying:  "If you don't like the weather, just stick around. It will change shortly." Mussoorie this spring seems to be like that. They had a cold winter and it warmed up the weekend we arrived. The rest of March was reasonably pleasant, hot in the sun and cool in the shade, and unseasonably dry. We always worry about forest fires here in the late spring. April has had lots of threatening weather, strong winds arising in the late afternoon, spatters of rain, but nothing that stuck around. The past few days, however, it has rained off and on. Yesterday we heard wind, rain, and thunder in the night. It half cleared off after we got up and I got the clearest pictures of the Doon below that I've seen for a long time. At night the lights of the city below are like jewels on black velvet.

I took these shots from our balcony, beginning toward the left (east) and moving across toward the right (west). The red-roofed buildings in the foreground are Midlands, the high school girls' residence. The Siwalik Mountains are behind the Doon.

St. George's School

Wynberg-Allen School
And looking straight down, the Tea Garden isn't very inviting for sitting at this time!

By afternoon the sun was out but it stayed cooler all day. This morning it is cloudy and rainy again.

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