Monday, April 23, 2012

Packing Up

We left Mussoorie on Friday. Thursday evening I gathered our kitchen items together, separating them from the things that are provided in our small kitchen. We use the hot pot a lot to heat water for a cup of tea or hot lime cordial. The pan with the handle is what Dan uses to make our desi chai in the early morning. In the right foreground is a serving dish upended over our butter on a small plate (not ours). We haven't seen any pests in this apartment, but it is definitely better to keep the butter covered. I could judge the temperature of the apartment by the solidity of the butter -- at first I had to mash it with a knife to make it spreadable; about halfway through it softened enough to spread. The last few days, however, it was solid again!  The weather turned much warmer and sunnier on Friday by the time we left. The container with the red sides and ivory top is an insulated container that holds exactly one kilo of dahi (yogurt).

Suitcases lying on the bed waiting to be filled...

 One of the steel trunks -- holding most of the kitchen things and topped with towels and a quilted pad waiting to be given as a gift to some hosts.

An open trunk awaiting clothing. The rolled-up mat in the front was from the CFI event Dan attended in Delhi a few weeks ago. It is too long to fit in a trunk or a suitcase. We decided to use it as a carry-on, but now that we're in Delhi, I realize we didn't bring it. Not sure if we'll see it again...

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