Tuesday, April 10, 2012

On the Way to the Bazaar

On my Saturday walk to the bazaar, I saw a few interesting sights. Some of these pictures are updates on previous postings. The first shows the concrete curb and ditch that is being built along the newly paved road. I was really surprised to see this; I fully expected the dug-out dirt ditch to be final.

The hut on the khud between the hospital and Mullingar Hill now has sides on it.

In this photo you can just see the hut between the two trees on the khud, looking backward from the Mullingar side. The shops along the road include a barber and a mattress/pillow maker. I still can't quite figure out how the people get down to the hut without taking a trip all the way down the hillside!

I like the way this truck is parked. Our sense of what is proper regarding vehicle parking is not shared here!

Same truck from the other side (hospital pushta in the background).

This is the subzi wallah below the hospital from whom I usually pick up bananas, oranges, onions, whatever I need. Maybe not the best shop, but it is the closest one so I have to carry my purchases the shortest distance! I got a nice ripe papaya on Saturday; you can see it in the blue string bag.

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