Saturday, October 30, 2010

Picnic lunch

We were well-fed at the picnic. Soon after we arrived we were served coffee, tea, and lemonade (made from their own limes). In one of the flower beds I saw this stalk of celery growing. Evidently they are working hard to grow some unusual things and to use them in the food they serve.

With the coffee and tea, we had some nice vegetable spring rolls.

About 12:30 two of our visitors were served their lunch, as they had to leave early. Phil and Alan had plans to climb Witches' Hill during the afternoon. They made it up, around, and back down, and then Alan met Dan to play some squash. He's an active guy!

Here is a full plate showing the lovely rice pilau, dal, subzi (vegetable), and tandoori roti.

Rice and dal in serving line.

Subzi and rotis in warming containers.

Tandoori chicken.

Sitting in the yard eating lunch.

For dessert we had vanilla ice cream with bitter orange sauce, absolutely delicious. I ended up leaving before teatime, but I'm sure it was something good!

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  1. That's not a picnic, that's a feast! Thanks for the food photography.


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