Friday, October 1, 2010

School Entry

For many years, the approach to the school from Tehri Road was the overhead gate (seen dimly in the background here. In fact, a photo of the gate is almost as iconic an image for Woodstockers as the Lyre Tree, the official symbol.

These days security is more important and there is a sentry posted at the gate before the gate. This was moved closer to the road last year. The yellow bus is usually parked down at the dorm level. Today is the beginning of the five-day fall break, so it is probably waiting to take a group of students somewhere.

Once inside the main gate, there are potted plants lining the path all the way to the first building (and others around the Quad area).

The first pot has these beautiful red flowers.

There are quite a few coleus plants; this one is the fullest.

Several of the pots have bamboo. It's probably a good thing they are in pots, as bamboo can spread like wildfire if let loose. I haven't ever seen much growing up here; maybe the weather gets too cold in the winter.

These plants are sitting on the pushta (retaining wall) below the ramp up to the high school.

As I mentioned, today is the beginning of a school holiday. Dan and I will be spending Saturday to Monday in Dehra Dun. Next week is the Mussoorie Writers' Festival and I am looking forward to attending. Posts may be a bit erratic during that time.

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  1. Enjoyed the pics and the post. Woodstock security is something the Board should keep
    in touch with the American Embassy.


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