Sunday, October 24, 2010

Worldwide Woodstock Day

We actually began celebrating WWD on Friday. The Development Office staff had lunch with the visiting class of 1960 at Rokeby Manor. Below is the group just starting lunch, with Immu taking an official group photo.

One of the two salads was tandoori paneer cubes on a green salad.

One of the two entrees was mustard chicken.

Jim Rugh, organizer of the 1960 reunion, with Abhra Bhattacharjee, Director of Development.

Friday evening about 6:00 a ferocious storm began. There was rain off and on all night, heavy winds, and thunder and lightning. Plus a severe drop in temperature. On Saturday some of the students and staff attended the Mussoorie Inter-School Sports Competition (formerly fondly known as "The Olympics"). We heard it was pretty cold out there, but we mostly stayed home except for a walk in the afternoon.

About 6:00 Dr. Laurenson called me to suggest that we sing some school songs at his house after dinner. I dug around in the office, found a copy of the "Hiking Song," and, after consulting with Chris by phone, printed off "Shadows" from the website.

There must have been at least 40 people attending the fine dinner at Dr. L's house, including the above-mentioned class of 1960, alumni who are currently on staff, other long-serving staff, and others. This is just a small group; many of these are currently on staff.

Chris (still a bit jet-lagged from his trip back from the US last week) and Monica -- Monica arranged the delicious dinner.

Sue Scott Swanson '67, Naz Nagarwalla '80 spouse and staff member, Bhavna Sarup, alumni spouse.

Tom Alter showed up, to our surprise and pleasure; here he is with Saroj Kapadia and Shonila Chander.

Chris talking to Mrs. Aurora and David Laurenson ready to say a few words to the gathering.

On the way home, we were happy to see a clear sky, Dehra Dun sparkling like jewels on black velvet, and a full moon. I hope you did something special to celebrate Woodstock on this special day. Next year will be the 100th anniversary of the founding of WOSA; stay tuned for some big plans!

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