Thursday, October 14, 2010

Food Break

For those who are tiring of posts about the Writers' Festival (I hope you're not!), I decided to insert a short post about our Wednesday evening dinner. The post below this tells about the poetry session during the festival.

Wednesday evening we did our usual trek into the bazaar for supper (are we too predictable?).

The direction is mainly toward the west, and I got this beautiful shot from the hill between Landour and Picture Palace.

This time we went to the Tavern, a favorite of staff and students since the 1970s when it first opened. It is located on the second floor (first floor in British and Indian terminology) above some shops. It is a nice place, with an extensive Indian, Chinese, and Continental menu.

My usual restaurant drink is a fresh lime soda, made with fresh-squeezed lime juice (usually fresh, occasionally bottled) and soda. The majority of people choose a sweet drink, but it is also available with salt. Recently I’ve been having a mixture of the two, but they put too much sugar and salt for my taste. So now I am having it with neither. Very refreshing!

One of the specialties at the Tavern is a Sizzler. This involves a central portion of meat (usually) with French fries on one side and sautéed vegetables on the other, served on a sizzling platter. I’ve had the vegetarian one (potato/cheese patty) and last night I had the minced chicken one. It’s also available in a stuffed chicken breast or mutton (goat) version. Many years ago we used to get a similar dish in Delhi made with a water buffalo filet.

Dan had chicken biriani with yogurt on the side, always a delicious combination. I meant to take pictures of the food, but when it arrived, we both had ours half-eaten before I remembered to use the camera! Maybe next time.

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  1. Special request: photos of the plates of food, both for seeing whether presentation in home-style places in Vancouver is authentic, and just to see the food described so enticingly. We can never get too many pictures with your stories!


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