Friday, October 29, 2010

Picnic, pt. 2

Once we had arrived at Brentwood and been told the schedule (coffee and tea first, lunch at 1:00, tea at 3:30), many of us headed off up the hill or across the stream.

As I headed up the hill, I saw several of our taxi drivers sitting in a nice field in the sun. It looked like they were playing Parcheesi.

At one point the path was quite overgrown; a bit higher it widened and looked passable by a 4-wheel-drive vehicle.

A tree on a bluff.

A view ahead. Notice the white gravel on the path ahead.

I was with Ben, Mark, Annie, and Abhra. Phil had left earlier and was on his way down when we met. We visited for a while, then I headed back down with Phil.

The day was clear and views were gorgeous in every direction.

This view is looking down at the Brentwood facility on the left. The taxis were waiting for us to depart later in the day.

Tomorrow: lunch

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