Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Inn

Wednesday evening we went for dinner at the top of the hill instead of in the bazaar as usual. I left around 4:00 as I wanted to stop along the way.

Just below the hospital a group of goats was being herded along. This is not all that unusual, but one of them surely looked like a sheep to me, and that was indeed unusual.

What do you think? Sheep or furry goat?

Then I headed on to Mullingar Hill and up the walking path toward the Chakkar and Char Dukan. Our friends Tenzing and Tsering are renovating an old building into a small hotel/inn. It is named for Tenzing's mother, Doma, also a long-time friend. They have brought in Tibetan painters from Nepal for the final decorating and it is quite amazing.

The front is decorated with a dragon (still to be colored) and the name.

Also on the outside is a statue of a monk. I couldn't help but smile back at him when I saw him.

This shows some of the ceiling of the veranda/hallway inside the building. There are six rooms; each opens onto the veranda.

Another ceiling view.

After I left T & T, I went up the longer driving road way; there is a walking path but it is very steep and I had plenty of time. To the right of this photo is a plant of stinging nettles. And they can really sting! I accidently brushed against one a couple of weeks ago and it stung right through my cotton shirt. To the left you can see dak (dock) leaves. They always grow nearby and if you rub the stung spot with a leaf, it will ease the burning sensation.

When I got to Char Dukan, I had a cup of tea at one of the tea shops, then headed on toward Rokeby for dinner. I was walking about the same pace as a little girl, Tanu. When I asked her where she was going, she said "cow." I thought that was a little strange, but we walked on together, chatting in my rather weak Hindi. (Where do you live, what's your name, what school do you attend) As we came around a corner I heard a cow mooing and remembered that there is a house just below the road that has one. Tanu had a small bag of food that she had brought to feed the cow. We said goodbye and she went down the steps to give the food to the cow.

Tomorrow I'll tell you more about Rokeby Manor, a recent renovation of an old boarding house. It is pretty fabulous now!

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