Monday, October 25, 2010

Bazaar Visit

No matter how often I go into the bazaar, I always see something new and different that I never noticed before. I’m not sure if I’m not observant enough or if it’s just that most places are so small that it’s easy to miss them. Sunday afternoon I kept my eyes open and my camera at the ready.

I've seen this framing shop on Mullingar Hill frequently, but yesterday it was decorated nicely -- maybe in preparation for Diwali next week.

On the hill into Kulri after the clock tower, a new ditch has appeared.

At the lower end of the ditch is this sign -- "Sawadhan -- Caution" then seewar karya pragati per hai -- sewer construction is on (meaning, not transliteration). I presume the small lettering is the authority in charge.

Also on the hill down toward Kulri; how can such a tiny tea stall make enough to stay in business?

Fish shop; the muchli-wallah told us it is from the Yamuna River near Dehra Dun and was delivered fresh that morning.

Another tiny restaurant -- I'm quite sure they aren't related to the larger Golden Restaurant near the Clock Tower.

One of several vendors laid out on the road selling plastic items -- toys and household goods.

And just below the hospital, a bit away from the regular food shops, is this meat shop. It says "Jhatka" above the picture of a goat and "mutton shop" below. The bird is probably a chicken. You can see the English words "Jhatka Mutton Shop" in the window.

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  1. Fantastic details, looking at that which may be obvious to locals but totally fascinating to me. A tea shop with one chair????


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