Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sunday in Rajpur and Dehra Dun

Sunday morning we took another walk, this time heading up the road (toward Mussoorie) rather than down toward Rajpur. The Christian Retreat and Study Center is across the road from the Moravian Institute, both of which we have visited before. We turned off onto a small road at that point, still heading up. We wondered if it was the old walking road to Mussoorie, and did find out that it was. On the way back, we stopped for some tea at a shop along the road.

Property is prime here; many places had signs like this.

A nice house on the path.

And nearby, some less-than-nice places.

Looking in through the gate of the Christian Retreat Center.

A cow checking out the tea shop tables.

Eucalyptus grove where the chai shop is.

We spent Sunday afternoon in Dehra Dun. We went into Paltan Bazaar, the major shopping area for the city. The bazaar seems much as it was when we spent the winter of 1968-69 in language school there. However, the population has exploded, and it is much more crowded. It appears that Sunday afternoon is a popular shopping time.

I wanted to buy some yarn, so we went to the same yarn shop that has been there for 50 years or more.

After visiting the bazaar, we headed back to Astley Hall to have tea with our friend Ajit. He took us to a new restaurant above the Standard Bakery. The owner is a former cruise ship assistant maitre’d and was quite chatty. It is a nice quite place, above the chaos of Astley Hall with its Macdonald’s and Nirula’s fast food shops.

Looking into Paltan Bazaar from the entrance.

A coconut vendor.

Vardhman Yarn Shop.

Clothing for sale.

I liked this shop!

Near the exit to the bazaar, there was a long line at the ATM.

Flower vendor in Astley Hall.

Dan and Ajit in the restaurant.

Yak Service Center on the Rajpur Road; this opened in the 1970s when we lived here and seemed very modern at the time.

Dan had a flat tire the week before and needed to have the spare fixed and replaced.

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