Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tuesday in the Bazaar

Tuesday we went into the bazaar to have lunch and to pick up my new glasses. I brought my prescription along and got a very nice pair for about a quarter of the cost in the US. My old ones were pretty scratched up and it is nice to have a clear view again!

We stopped at the Delhi Sweet Shop, one of Dan's favorite places from years ago, to have some tea and samosas. This is located just below the Tilak Library I wrote about last week.

The menu and price list is on the wall. The US dollar is worth about 46 rupees now; I'll let you do the math. Here are the first few items:
Chai - 7
Samosa - 6
Matti - 6
Bundi Luddhu - 5
Besan Luddhu - 5
Gulab Jamun (2) - 16

The higher numbers in the second column are for larger quantities, packed in a box to go.

We had lunch at the Old South Indian Restaurant in Landour. Dan and I both had Masala Dosas, the old favorite.

These colorfully dressed women were standing across the street while we ate.

On the way home I couldn't resist another shot of a vegetable/fruit vendor. They stack their wares so beautifully.

The pushta (retaining wall) below the Landour Hospital road is still being worked on. More debris came down during the monsoon. It looks like they are building it further out so the road can be widened. The new part at the bottom center looks like it will add 6-10 feet to the road above.

Just below Woodstock Villa is Cozy Corner, a tea and snack shop that is a favorite of the students.

Tuesday evening the 3rd Mussoorie Writers' Festival opened. There are sessions all day Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning. Many eminent writers and artists are here. The theme is Mountain Writing. I'll be writing much more in detail over the next few days -- I'm taking lots of notes and pictures.


  1. I'm really enjoying your blog! I've been to Mussoorie a couple of times, my oldest daughter is a propesctive Woodstock student and I often fantasize about spending time there in my own retirement, so you are inspiring me on many fronts.

  2. I like that fruit vendor's shop too!


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