Monday, November 1, 2010

More Picnic Photos

Today, a random selection of photos from the picnic. This is the farmhouse just above the fields where the oxen were plowing. Definitely vertical acreage!

Mr. Chopel took a walk up toward the farmhouse and purchased two large pumpkins from the farmer. On his return, Immu helped him with the pumpkins so he could get back across the creek. This is the same man who saved another staff member's life at a previous picnic. That one was held on the Yumuna River and many went tubing. One man who couldn't swim slipped out of his tube and got caught in the swift current. Mr. Chopel jumped in and managed to drag him to safety. He won a national award for bravery that year. People still talk about it.

Nasturtiums growing in the garden.

A vine that climbed up and into the opening at the top of the gazebo.

Pretty pinkish-red flowers. Maybe someone else can identify them.

Playing badminton without a net in the open area.

Strawberry plants in the garden!

I kept hoping someone would take the challenge and climb this tree with the rope ladder, but I don't think anyone did.


  1. Sorry, I can't identify those flowers, but I have nasturtiums here, too, seemingly liking the cooler fall weather. Regarding your later blog, I also grew fennel and collected the seeds, but aren't they better when coated with that colored sugar?

  2. Yes, you can get the seeds covered in sugar, but restaurants here rarely serve them. They let you mix the amount of sugar you want with them -- and those large crystals are very sweet!


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