Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday Walking Market again

Last Saturday (I know, a full week ago), we again went to the Saturday Walking Market. It is always interesting and we see new things each time. I got a knee-length caftan-style pullover for lounging in, very comfortable.

Lampshades made of decorated paper
We'd never noticed these patties before. The mac'n'cheese one on the left (red splotch) didn't look that great, though. We asked what was in them and they said potatoes and curry. So we got one of the curried ones and shared it. Quite tasty.

Here is the young man preparing the patties -- dipping them in eggs and then crumbs and deep-frying.

Dishes of tiny bird eggs; not sure what kind of birds!

Another first -- a Turkish kabab stand. The rotisserie had chicken which he sliced off in tiny slices. He had a chapati-like bread that he held up against the burner to char slightly. First he put salad on the bread, then the chicken, then three types of sauces. Delicious!

You can get small omelets in these leaf dishes, different flavors.

Palm flour sweets -- not that appealing for me, but they look interesting.

These are the noodles for Khao Soi, a northern Thai/Lanna specialty. Dan likes it a lot. There are regular noodles in the bottom topped with soup (choice of meats) and then topped with the crispy noodles.

This vendor had lovely clay pots, each with a different soup.

As I finished this post, I realized it is almost all food-related. More to come as I head off on my all-day cooking school.

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