Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Catch-up

After the orgy of flower festival photos, it's time to play catch-up with some of the other pictures I've been taking.

Morning-after parade detritus
We tried a new (to us) restaurant near Smith Residence called the Doo Dee (not the best choice of names...). I had a delicious chicken shwarma with enough leftover for lunch the next day. Dan had a Burmese curry, very good but not photogenic. We've been back another time already!

One area that I walk by daily has been covered with a fence. Thursday morning the fence was open and I took this photo on my way to Tai Chi class. There were several men inside pulling down the walls.

Just under two hours later, they had gotten a lot done!

We've been wandering around the neighborhood and trying different places to eat. One night we ate in a place barely more than a street stall. We could see the cook making our meals. The next time we went by the place was packed with lots of Thai people, so we went on to another. (The first place had a sign in Thai, just called Restaurant. The second also was in Thai but the word "Food" was in English.) An interesting note to most of these places is that the food comes out when ready, not coordinated, so sometimes mine is first, sometimes Dan's.

We tried something different. The first is an omelet salad, which was very tasty. The second was a fried whole fish. Fortunately for easier eating, the chef had filleted and cut the fish into bite-sized pieces. It had a nice spicy sauce on the side.

This little girl was a daughter of the house. Her mother, the waitress, followed her around trying to feed her supper, but she was more interested in playing.

Another night Dan's meal came inside a clever wall of sliced tomatoes. I wonder how they did it! This was at Whole Earth on Sunday night.

A common sight below; it is winter in Chiang Mai and many dogs are wearing coats. Never mind that it is in the upper 80s... This one was "watching" the parade at the coffee shop.

Walking around our neighborhood, I saw these decorative statues on a household fence. All homes and commercial properties are gated.

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