Sunday, February 22, 2015

An Unremarkable Weekend

This weekend there was no Flower Festival, no cooking class, nothing special scheduled. Saturday we went out for lunch (big departure!) at a nice-looking bakery/cafe just across the street. It appears to be brand new, and in fact, I think it opened while we've been here. They have wonderful looking desserts in the glass case. I was grabbed by the option of a mango burger on the menu and Dan decided to have their all-day breakfast.

Fancy interior of the cafe

Mango shake!! (Eat it quickly before it melts onto the table.)

Mango burger -- not much to see; slices of mango under the beef patty, very good

Breakfast (minus one egg and toast already eaten) -- notice tiny dish of baked beans near top
I keep forgetting to take my camera along to the top of the building when I go swimming but today I remembered. I wanted to photograph these interesting tree/bushes with such bare branches. The first one with only leaves earlier had only a few white blossoms. The second still has no leaves, but the blossoms are lovely. I've no idea what they are.

Looking down from the pool to the southwest, I can see these shanty-like buildings. One has a thick layer of orange bougainvillea growing on the roof. The hotel in the background is the Chaing Mai Gate Hotel and you can see a corner of their pool. I don't think it gets much sun, so the water is probably much cooler than ours.

I did have a massage Sunday afternoon and Dan spent a good part of the day at the UN Irish Pub watching the India-South Africa Cricket World Cup match. 

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