Friday, February 27, 2015

Last Things

It's Friday afternoon and we are finishing up. Our flight goes out Saturday evening. We've used up our breakfast and lunch foods, the last laundry is out and will be returned this evening. The weather is definitely getting hotter; it's time to leave.

There is a nice-looking hospital I walk by every day (English-speaking doctors 24 hours). It's been comforting to know it's so close. The other day as I walked by I noticed they have handicapped parking. Maybe there isn't much call for it.

We've become quite the regulars at the Doo Dee Restaurant. They have a large menu and everything we've had there has been delicious. Below is Lek, our waitress. When we walk in, she asks if we want the same drinks as usual. She has a nice smile. A bonus to eating there is watching Fox Sports 3 -- recently it's mostly been Motocross. If you've never seen it, tune in sometime. It won't make you want to ride a dirk bike!

This is the Doo Dee from the other side of the street. There are tall tables with bar stools outside, a large seating area upstairs, and a smaller one downstairs. We usually sit on a bench just inside.

We haven't usually gone out for lunch, but we did on Friday. There is a place on the way to the massage school that has a sign out "Sukothai food." We weren't sure quite what that would be. Once we tried to go there in the evening but discovered that they are only open for lunch. So we met up there today between our last massages -- Dan's in the morning, mine in the afternoon. It's a very open place, with a roof and barely any walls. The cooking area is behind the wooden wall shown here.

The table tops are decorated with a nice mosaic pattern.

Just outside where we sat there were lots of plants, including this tree with birds' nests hanging from it. They are not in use, but are the genuine article.

Once again, we were part way through our meal by the time I remembered to take a picture. So I took them of the menu. This spicy noodle dish was the main thing they offered. It can be ordered with or without the soup (broth), so we ordered it without. The broth then comes in a separate bowl and you can add as much as you want as you want it. You can also choose among four types of noodles -- yellow (egg) and three widths of rice noodles. I had the first one shown below and Dan had the second. He is more adventurous in the meat area than I am!

I think this will be my last post from Thailand. We'll be spending a few days in Spokane with family before heading back to Goshen. We hope we'll be able to get our car out of the snow in the parking lot where it has been sitting!

Thanks for reading.

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