Thursday, February 12, 2015

Flower Festival Parade

After we left the park area, we crossed over to the south side of the moat. Next to IDI, our massage place, we got a small table on a raised platform at a coffee shop. We were ready to sit down and have a drink and it looked like the parade was coming by soon. We sat for quite a long time watching. There were huge gaps between groups/floats -- sometimes 5 minutes or more. They had come quite a long way from the river on the east side of the city.

The vanguard -- costumes from various areas

There were four or five bands all together and they were quite good players. (Not quite like the bands we sometimes hear in India...) No one had Sousaphones; they had to carry regular tubas!

One of several pairs in costume
The floats were covered in flowers, rivals to the Rose Bowl Parade.

Long-tailed dresses -- mermaids?

There were a number of vintage cars, including a few old VW Beetles. Notice the scooters around; they were regular traffic that got through the barriers (which were pretty limited).

Another band in "country" dress

About the time the vintage cars came, we got up and headed towards our hotel. We got to see the last few floats just before we left the main street.

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