Friday, January 9, 2015


Thursday afternoon the promised change in the weather arrived. It had been cloudy and humid all day and about 3:00 it began to rain. Dan was out for a walk, but the rain was light enough that he didn't get drenched. We took the opportunity during a break to go back to our first restaurant, La Petite, quite close. I think we are becoming regulars there! The owner/manager is American and friendly. The food is always delicious.

Otherwise, things continue — my Tai Chi is coming along, but slowly. Dan is studying hard for his Thai lessons. It is a difficult language. We are both planning to continue our studies for another week before we take a side trip to Cambodia. I didn't get to swim today because of the rain (I guess I could have gone in, but in the low 70s and rain it didn't seem very inviting!

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