Sunday, January 11, 2015


Saturday morning dawned without rain, although still very gray and cloudy. The temperature was in the 70s, so still balmy to us. It is fun to see the Thais all bundled up with stocking caps and winter jackets.

Dan and I both had traditional Thai massages at IDI, the school that I was at earlier in the week. We were scheduled for an hour each starting at 10:00. They actually started closer to 10:30, but we each got well over an hour by 15-20 minutes. This wasn't quite as painful as the earlier ones I'd had, but still very good and strong. The young woman was good and it is so interesting to see how they use their whole body to massage and stretch. At one point when she was working on my arms, she said something that I think meant "your whole body needs modifying!" I laughed and agreed. Things are definitely loosening up. I'm going back Monday for two hours and Dan is doing the same on Tuesday.

Altar in IDI lobby

Massage tools -- only oil and hot compresses this time
When we returned, our room had been cleaned. Always a nice thing to come home to. This view is from the doorway and shows our bed and small table and chairs. The kitchenette is at the end to the right. The bathroom is behind me on the left of the entry. There is ample closet and cupboard space on the hall across from the bathroom.

In the afternoon the sun was peeking out and I decided to brave the swimming pool (I missed the past two days when it was raining). The water was definitely cooler from the lack of sun and the rain but just bearable. I swam half my usual number of laps.

About 5:00 we headed out for the Saturday Walking Market again -- hard to believe it's been a week since the first one! I'm having trouble uploading pictures right now, so I'll go ahead and publish this and put up the pictures from the market in a little while.

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