Friday, January 23, 2015

Off to Cambodia

On Wednesday evening the sunset out our window was gorgeous.

We had ordered a taxi for a 1:00 departure to make our 3:30 flight. We assumed that since our first flight was to Bangkok that we should check in at the domestic counter. But, no, we had to go to the international counter at the other end of the airport. Fortunately, we had plenty of time and the airport isn't all that large. We were given a red sticker with "Fly Thru" on it. When we arrived at Bangkok, two Air Asia employees were waiting and collected all of us who were transferring internationally. We went through several deserted areas and arrived at a small immigration and security area. Once we found our gate, we found a Noodle Express (right beside a Dairy Queen) and had some supper. We both had noodle soup with pork (mine barbecued, shown below, Dan's a rib). It was delicious.

As is our habit, we took turn wandering around the shops while waiting for our flight. There were several shops selling packaged foods to take along. I enjoyed finding these snacks.

Porntip Flossy Pork

We had made a reservation at the Angkor Spirit Palace Hotel, which is located in a former cultural centre. We were happy to see a welcome sign as we came out of the airport, with transportation to the hotel. The transportation was a small motorcycle pulling a trailer with seats, a kind of a ricksha. It was too dark for pictures, but I will be sure to get one today. It was a pleasant ride with a cool breeze. Our hotel is a fair distance from town. This morning we had breakfast at the small restaurant near the pool. This is going to be a pleasant place to stay. We will probably plan to visit Angkor Wat and the other temples tomorrow.

Our bed -- we don't need the netting, the room is screened

The building -- our room is on the ground floor

Snake railings on the stairs

Fan palm

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