Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tuesday, Week Two

Dan had his Thai lesson in the morning and a two-hour massage in the afternoon. On my way home from Tai Chi, I stopped to get some fruit. I hadn't seen avocados here before, and couldn't resist this one. Yes, it is large; the oranges are ordinary size. The bananas are small and very flavorful. The papaya has been peeled and sliced. We wouldn't buy something like this in India, but everything is very fresh here. In fact, last evening at the restaurant, the woman who waits on us went out to get more vegetables while we were eating. The avocado is going to be wonderful on our lunch sandwiches.

We went back to La Petite, the place we first ate and have been to several times. It is owned/managed by an American who has lived here for nine years. He is friendly and we enjoy chatting with him. He often recommends what we should order. Dan tried a spicy green curry with spaghetti last night. The red spears and a few of the green ones are chilis, so it was as spicy as he'd hoped.

While Dan was making chai this morning, he commented on the sunrise and I couldn't resist the opportunity. We are on the 5th floor, so have an excellent view.

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