Sunday, January 11, 2015

Saturday Walking Market Pictures

I probably took waaay too many photos, but here goes!

Black jelly, I think to eat, anyone know what it is?

Possibly snacks, wormy things like licorice laces, but not licorice!

Dan's noodle supper

Food court

Vendor cooking something

Fried crab sticks and shrimp tempura

Carvings with gilded fish

Handmade hammocks

Indigo bedcovers and linens

Musical instruments

iPhone cases

Massage tools -- scrapers on the left

More massage tools

And even more massage tools!

Several noodle varieties to choose from -- I got the one on the far left

Cook stir-frying my pad thai

My special pad thai supper
Flowers made from pandanus leaves

Paper lanterns

A type of roti

Teapots and cups

Tiny teasets for that child in your life

Elephants and other creatures made from twine

Wooden iPhone cases

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  1. Hi Anne...Love your posts....yes the jelly is made from Tapioca starch


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