Monday, January 12, 2015

Sunday Adventures in Food

After the rainy weather, the morning sky is delightful.

On Saturday Dan came back with a small bag of 5 eggs. He wasn't sure if they were fresh or cooked. So for Sunday lunch we decided to have egg sandwiches. When I cracked them open, they were actually partially cooked -- soft-boiled with the yolks still slightly runny and the whites fairly firm. The yolks were very orange and I decided they were probably duck eggs, which are common here. I chopped them up, melted butter in the skillet and fried them until all the yolks were cooked. They tasted good!

In the afternoon, we took a scooter ride across the river. Dan has been scouting out the area and has learned pretty well what bridges to take (there aren't that many). We crossed on the Iron Bridge, which is one-way to the east (across the river from the Old City). We were looking for the restaurant where we had New Year's Eve dinner eleven years ago, when we visited here with friends. And nearby was a high-end craft shop where we bought a woven hanging that is still in our home. Our memories were a bit blurry -- the shop turned out to be slightly farther from the restaurant than we remembered, and on the other side of the street. The restaurant, The Riverside, is a very popular place, and we made a reservation for dinner in the evening.

The restaurant is right on the river, with several tiers of dining. We were early enough that we were able to get a table on the lower level closer to the river. Below us was a boat where people were also dining; just before we finished, it departed for a ride and another boat docked. Maybe we'll have to try that sometime.

View to the river

Shrimp tempura appetizer

Crab rolls appetizer (superb!!)

Riverside Special Fried Rice (oops, took some before photographing!)

Pork Panang Curry

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