Wednesday, May 11, 2011


My mind is being stretched without pictures to rely on as a starting point for a blog. Yesterday was a fairly ordinary day in the office, people coming and going, meetings happening, and a quick rainstorm in the early afternoon.

Woodstock is getting a new principal this coming year -- Dr. Long is currently at United World College in Maharashtra. He will finish his contract there in December and come to Mussoorie. Yesterday was the first time he has visited since we arrived and I was pleased to have a chance to meet him. He was meeting with a core group who are working on updating the next strategic plan for the school. (Some of you reading may have participated in focus groups last winter leading up to this.)

I believe that I mentioned earlier that my primary project this time has been organizing a big celebration we are having here in October. It will be 100 years since the formation of our alumni organization, WOSA (Woodstock Old Students Association). We are planning events between October 19 and 23 and hope to have many alumni attending from all over the world. It will be the first time we've been able to do online registration and payment for an event at the school.

One of the major events we are planning is an alumni cricket match. Our friend Brij Lal was cricket coach for many years, and he and Tom Alter (well-known cricket fan) will be in charge of the match. We've invited all the past cricket players we can find. [I went through yearbooks from 1968 to the present to find the names.]


  1. Pics or're one of my first destinations on the net each morning.
    You surely have a big project to keep you
    busy between now and then.

  2. I agree, your blog first and then the e-mail. I learn from what you write. Our media tells us virtually nothing about India, let alone life or ordinary people living there.

  3. @Bill and @Evan - Thanks for the good words. Hope you like the sounds on Thursday's post.


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