Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday WOSA Tea

Computer update:  I have a new hard drive, borrowed a startup disk and am back in business. However, only mail and internet work, as I don't have application disks to install software. I am using iPhoto on Dan's laptop in the meantime. Everything else is fine and can wait until I get home at the end of the month.

Every spring the graduating seniors at Woodstock are inducted into WOSA, the Woodstock Old Students Association, at a special tea. The first such tea recorded was in 1911, and we are celebrating the first 100 years of WOSA with a special event October 19-23.

Today was the tea for the class of 2011, Luminescence. It has been the custom for many years that each class has a special class word. Some years in the past it was a made-up word, but recently the classes have been choosing words that have a special meaning for them. Each class has a flag and the recent custom is that the flag is revealed at the WOSA tea.

In the morning all the Development Office staff were busily hanging flags from all the balconies around the Quad. By the time we were finished, it looked great. Here are a few views:

Just before the tea Dan was chatting with Saroj, long-time teacher and friend.


Two members of the class of 1950 were in attendance, including Bhavenesh, who welcomed the seniors into WOSA.

The staff band played before the tea and for several numbers during the program.

Students at the tables during the program.

The 2011 class flag unfurled by the two class governors. It is beautifully quilted.

In the evening, after all was still, I took a brief walk. The moon is almost full, shining over the quiet Quad.

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  1. The class of 80 flag has been missing for some time but is reputed to be in possession of the alumni office. I didn't see it in the photos, but maybe someone knows about it? I hope you got my little writeup about being a class rep in time to use it.
    It all looks great!


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